Value – Benefits

webstrbrzbay2Value of SteelBreeze Design

SteelBreeze Design provides value to our clients by offering the highest quality, most efficient shop and erection drawings along with professional project management which:

  • Reduces shop time due to questionable detailing practices, thereby reducing the final cost of your shipped product.
  • Increases your shop’s efficiency and out-put.
  • Decreases your project management time & associated costs.
  • Reduces shop errors and questions on shop drawings.
  • Reduce erection problems and errors.
  • Gives you confidence in receiving a complete, accurate set of shop & erection drawings.
  • The bottom line value of SteelBreeze is that we can help you increase your Profit Margin!

SteelBreeze Design Benefits & Features

SteelBreeze Design, Inc. offers a unique and valuable combination of benefits and features to our clients that place us far above the competition. We offer our expertise and quality services as key members in the project construction team. Some of the benefits and features we offer include:

  • Highest quality shop drawing production.
  • Complete BIM process services.
  • Superior project management, communication and customer service.
  • High performance, accurate, cost efficient production.
  • Flexibility in production capacity, strategy and production tools.
  • Detailing to enhance the quality of your finished product.
  • Detailing to reduce the cost of your finished product.
  • Detailing for the most efficient and profitable shop fabrication and erection.
  • Consulting services for the steel industry.
  • Quality through Communication, Experience & Design.